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Heaven’s hammock

Moderation is only possible when I am fundamentally indifferent to my appetites and activities. I can employ self-discipline to fight with myself but where lies the merit and meaning in that unhappy business?

Big brother

The less willing we are to govern ourselves, the more autocratic government will be. Men say they do not like to be told what to do, but that is not true. They have been trained from their very beginnings to take orders. They like to be told what to do. In nation states where this is particularly the case, men in uniform (military, ecclesiastical, business) sit comfortably at the top of the system.

Austerity, briefly

Food, sex, money, travel, and a perfect body—none of these, not even all at once, produce happiness. So can we just take them off the table and get on with business?

Austerity is plainness and simplicity. It is a quiet orderly life.

Austerity does not seek to repeat experiences. It does not look back.

Pleasure: Not sought. Pain: Not avoided.

Austerity disdains repetition. It eschews the unnecessary.

The bug under austerity’s stitched* shoe is indulgence.


*What? You thought simple was cheap?