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Irrational knowing

Sometimes the soul expresses itself and we have an irrational experience of intuitive knowing. When this happens, there’s no debate, no doubt, no weighing of pros and cons. It’s pure, simple and unassailable. It could be one word, three words or a rush of love during which we love the beloved more than ourselves.

Unlearn everything

If I am chronically wanting this or fearing that or reacting emotionally, then my life task is fairly simple: Unlearn everything. Perhaps I should feel thankful that it doesn’t matter where I start.

Spiritual combustion

A spontaneous act is unexpected, unpredicted, unrehearsed, ungoverned, simple, direct, immediate, natural and now. The more we think, remember and plan, the less spontaneous we are. Jesus was making a point about spontaneity when he said we were to become again as little children.