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More counts less

One of Michael Pollan’s primary sources for his book on psychedelic therapy was a scientist who, Pollan observed, “chose his words with a tweezer.” Lao Tzu would have approved. More words count less.


Cutting the lines

The flames of anger are fed by a man’s ideas and opinions. Once these are eliminated, he’s fine. Birds will perch on his forefinger looking for treats.

Giving up

Men want to make progress on the inner journey but they don’t want to give anything up. They want to add some notion of progress to what they already have. But there is no progress! There is only giving up.

Acquisition, we are taught from a very early age. Disposition, we learn for ourselves. Of course, in order to learn subtraction, a teacher is necessary. Not to worry. Life will provide all of the instructors we need.