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Graduating students

Graduating students are routinely told they can be anything they want to be. This is misleading. I cannot want to be virtuous, to be honest, to have integrity, to live, love and die with my whole heart. Wanting is suffering. This three-word simplicity is one of the Four Noble Truths.

Whatever you can dream, you can achieve. Also not true. The more present we are, the fewer dreams we entertain. Dreams are left-overs.

Utopian man

Ideally, we would not have ideals. The idealized self is a false god, a source of suffering. ‘Oh, look what I should be.’ Wherever should is, conflict also is. Conflict consumes energy. Energy is love, and conflict devours it, leaves a husk to walk around saying, “I’m fine, thank you.”

Advertisers are idealists—as, for the most part, are politicians.

Taken to its loveless extreme, idealism is patriotism. And then it is war.