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A stream of judgements, according to which the world is divided into Like and Don’t Like, constitutes virtually all of our thought content. To stop thinking, stop judging. The death of judgement is the birth of contentment.

The origin of suffering

When what I want is at the centre of the picture—when I am selfish—I suffer.

Common to most mental disorders is an excess of I-ness, of self-concern.

Selfishness is a wasting disease. It eats its host.

I am what I think about.

Best practice

The meaning of work lies not in some hoped-for result or reward but in the work itself.

Work has no purpose. It’s not for me or for you or for anything. It’s for itself.

Our best work happens when it’s not a means to something else.

Born to die

I am not the body. I have a body.

I am not sick. There is sickness in the body.

Am I identified with the body? I will be anxious and depressed.

The body is an unreliable bit of business. It breaks down, falls apart. Sooner or later, we scrap it.

Therefore: “Take no thought for the body.”