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Step Four in AA’s addiction recovery program invites us to make a fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves. The requirement of this inventory is but minimally met if its only yield is a laggard’s list of shortcomings and missteps. The real work in Step Four is to identify and investigate our dependencies. When a dependency is discovered, the remedial act cannot be second-guessed, negotiated or dithered over. We take an axe to its root.

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a wonderful organization. In many respects, it is more like the church than the church is. But it is also the home of a misunderstanding. Yes, there is a Higher Power but, no, it is not exclusive of one’s innermost self. Believing otherwise has the effect of estranging men from their own essence, of turning divinity into a cumulonimbus. This is not a stand-alone mistake. It’s a child of the belief that we are the body.

I am not my body.