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Action at the gentlemen’s club

Following another in a public-pleasing string of military victories, U.S. naval officer Stephan Decatur boasted, “Our country right or wrong.” G.K. Chesterton’s riposte: “My mother drunk or sober.”

May 9th: Cancelled

The word ‘victory’ is wasting away; it will not be revived. There are no victories, not ever and especially not now. Our techno-barbarism, our military parades, stand exposed and ridiculous. Today’s heroes flutter quietly, anonymously, through the halls of the sick and the dying.


No one wins an argument. An argument is one mental/emotional structure bashing against another. There may be noise, excitement, even victory, but there will be no peace. The chief blessing of the natural world is that it has no opinions. It is perfectly capable of taking defensive measures, as it is doing right now, but it has no opinions. It will not argue with humans.