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Asleep at the wheel

Gurdjieff had the view that humanity exists in a near-perpetual state of sleep. “Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies.” On the evidence—climate change, consumerism, ceaseless warring and the wanton destruction of the planet—the Russian mystic wasn’t wrong.

The terrible twos

What we think is not the truth. A thought is a mental formation. The best and most it can do is point to the truth. Thought forms often fight with each other. Onward, Christian soldiers! Humans didn’t start speaking their thoughts until recently—50,000 years ago, by one estimate. Okay, the Terrible Twos. Maybe we’ll grow out of it. Maybe we won’t.  

Goat men

The notion of sacrifice is another one of those twisted and self-serving theologisms with which ‘advanced’ cultures are still infected. It’s the slaughter of an animal or person to appease some higher authority. It’s typically invoked when old men send young men to war.