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Who am I?

One thing is for sure: I am not who I think I am.


Man in development

We are concealed by ease, dulled by security, made absurd by luxury. “The true man is revealed in difficult times.”

Who am I? Watch me when things go wrong. You’ll see me then.

Man as actor

The ego is who I think I am. It is a limited, temporary and entirely mind-based sense of self. So men say: “I am a millwright.” Or, “I am a stay-at-home dad.” But we are not the roles we play. Marlon Brando did not tell people he was a mafia don. On examination, we find that the question “Who am I?” can only be answered in the negative, e.g., not this, not that. We concede one all-purpose exception to a blinking list of negative statements: “I am an actor.”

Mr. Nobody

Men maintain a stable of ideas about themselves: ‘I am this,’ ‘I am that.’ These ideas are confinements. They do not facilitate our development; they prevent it. They keep us from ourselves.

The ego is who I think I am.

Who am I? Nobody in particular.