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East meets West

Mindfulness is a schizophrenic kind of word. It identifies a problem (a full to overflowing mind) while citing itself as the solution.

Wisdom is the flower of an empty mind, not a full one.


The wisdom of field flowers

The greater the effort, the more self-serving the result. Love is an action, not an effort. We are told to take our instruction in how not to make an effort from field flowers.

Blown across the sky

We think we are doing things. Ego says, “I’ve done this!” But we are not doing things. Things are being done through us. Like leaves in autumn, we are being blown across the sky.

No one can teach us to yield. In the region of the heart, we’re autodidacts.

Extend that moment

If it is unexpected and unpredicted, it is real; it is true. When we are taken by surprise, when we are seized and ravished by the experience of being stood upside down, the mind stops. In that moment, what “sleeps in our paper flesh like dynamite” explodes, and we are conscious of not knowing anything.