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Boom! (2)

To break our attachment to our thoughts, we should not engage with them. What’s required is that we cultivate a certain aloofness, a majestic indifferency to their false urgency and howls for attention.

Man as orphan

Keep this principle uppermost: What happens is relatively unimportant. How we respond to what happens is absolutely important.

Life is a series of surprises. That is where reality lies—in the unexpected and the unpredictable. We are not in control. We are being written, played, blown across the sky.

One thing we do control: Our response to what happens. Men who have no knowledge of this truth look for enemies. They look for someone to blame.

Two ways to meditate. Female way: Sit down, watch your thoughts. Male way: Witness your response to what happens as it happens. Man as orphan. No past, no future, nailed into Now-ness.

Right now

The unsupervised mind has two preoccupations: past and future. When we think about the past, the memory function is activated. We become gooey and unhappy. When we think about the future, the anticipation function is activated. We become meth-like and reactive. When the mind develops a certain ambidexterity of dysfunction—oh, man, what a mess.

Witness this. It’s mind abuse. Come home.