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The wordlessness of love

Al Osten, lifetime partner of Buddy Victor, speaking about how they make decisions: “You don’t have a discussion. It just happens.” Words or no words, this is true about everything: It just happens. Relationships of oneness are relatively rare. The word ‘discussion’ derives from the Latin for smash apart.

Oh, the state of the world!

The word complain derives from the Latin for sob or bewail. It may seem that a complainer is doing something but, no, he’s just salting his soup. Complaint acts without doing. It’s an absence of love, an indifference to what is being complained about.

In the bardo (3)

One of the best depictions of hell (that is, a state we create for ourselves) is found in Samuel Beckett’s two-act play Waiting for Godot, during which two men sit under a leafless tree waiting endless days for a man who never shows up.