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All dressed up

Fear plays this little trick—it dresses itself up to look like what it isn’t. Parsimony. Protection. Prudence. Planning. Precaution.

Worry—that’s not fear, is it? Just looking at things from every possible angle, right?

If we could see worry for what it is, we would never worry again.


Modesty is the grandest, most majestic of all the virtues. It is a being state. Specifically, it is the state of being indifferent to what other people think.

Modesty has never known nervousness, worry, stage fright or performance anxiety.

Modesty is not shyness. Shyness is needy, calculating, egoic. It seeks attention in order to reject it.

Modesty has never said, “I did this!”

Oh, modesty. Thy kingdom come. On earth as in heaven.