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A masculine spirituality

Does such a thing even exist? Of course. Yes! But that’s a concession, not a boast. A masculine spirituality has a decidedly yang quality to it, an imbedded bias for action. Thus, some women are more yang than some men just as some men are more yin than some women. Wherever we find it, a bias for action needs to be examined and undone. We are human beings, after all, not human doings. “Know the male,” advises the Tao, “but keep to the female.” Most of what yang-men do is unnecessary. That was Gurdjieff’s definition of sin—whatever is unnecessary.  


Men are a mixture of yin and yang. Yin is the valley, the feminine principle; yang is the mountain, the masculine principle. Men with an excess of yang lead us to war; men with an excess of yin write poetry no one reads. We’ve been living in a yang nightmare ever since Constantine caught a vision of himself as a warrior Christ. Now, you may have noticed, things have begun to change. It’s getting quiet out there.