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Extend that moment

If it is unexpected and unpredicted, it is real; it is true. When we are taken by surprise, when we are seized and ravished by the experience of being stood upside down, the mind stops. In that moment, what “sleeps in our paper flesh like dynamite” explodes, and we are conscious of not knowing anything.

Standing, walking

When you stand, do not favour one foot over the other. Note the scalene triangle connecting big and little toes to the centre of the heel. Allow your weight to fill this geometric. Do not stand with your knees locked.

Feet control legs, hands control arms. By attending to the extremities, we move gracefully, economically. Let the eyes lead the head, not the other way around. This prevents us from walking like tourists.


Friends are many. Spiritual friends are none, one or very few.

The nobility of spiritual friendship begins with oneself. Before a satsang is two or twenty, it is first of all one. That’s where everything starts—with one. It has happened that men on death row have found the fullness of spiritual communion right where they are, in a windowless cell.

There’s no quid pro quo in a spiritual relationship. How can you give to yourself?

Poverty is self-service.