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Death benefits

We are renewed (made new again) through death. This is as true for civilizations as it is for individuals. Reform, modification, more exercise, a better diet, good intentions and cosmetic procedures cannot make us new again. Were it not for death, we’d be zombies sleepwalking through an endless senility.   

Breaking habits

A pornography habit will eventually chew the heart out of a relationship. There are more zombie marriages in the culture than we can know.

Habits are hard to break. (When was the last time you broke one?)

A man’s habits obscure his primary fault.

Waiting for Godot

Another word for dying: waiting. Waiting is zombie consciousness. We wait for death.

More even than flattery, which he called “ass-licking,” Gurdjieff disdained waiting. Of a man who wanted food, “He is waiting for a roast pigeon to fly into his mouth.”

He withers who waits. We are cause, not effect. Waiting has this backwards.

“Let’s think about it first.” Where would be the profit in that? Until we’ve done something, we’ve got nothing to think about.